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Long Range Shooting Basics for Beginners

Thinking about taking on a new hobby and looking for long range shooting basics for beginners to help you get started? Shooting can be an expensive and time consuming hobby to start and maintain, however, it’s truly one of the most challenging and gratifying hobbies out there.

Knowing the basics will get you one step closer to starting or being better at your hobby. Now, don’t mistake “basics” to mean easy. Yes, these steps are not fancy or show stopping but these are the foundations, and you will do best to master them before moving on to harder and more challenging practices.

Getting the right gear and then hitting the range to practice, are where you will want to begin. You can get on the range with some basic equipment without making it overly complicated.

Long range shooting is a popular hobby with a long history. Of course, where there is competence, competitions sprout. Nowadays, competitions are held all over the country and held by different organizations from across the states.

Long Range Shooting Basics For Beginners

Before deciding to compete, get the gear you need and then practice, practice, practice. Here are some long range shooting basics for beginners.

Get the right gear

To start, you’ll need a precision rifle. Add in the accessories, starting with a bipod. We recommend Atlas bipods. A cheek rest can help. When looking for a scope, look at what Vortex offers -- it is one of our favorites.

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Learn your equipment’s sweet spots

Out on the range, your rifle and its bullets are your best friends. To get to know them means everything. Hone your skills by repeatedly going through the motions of reloading.

Factor in the wind

Shooting is not entirely all about the rifle and pulling the trigger. After all the work and preparation to get yourself to this point, you can get an accurate shot but there might be wind. The wind is one element you should factor in because it affects your shot. Learning how you can adjust is a good foundation to always hitting your target.

Practice Practice Practice

Practice does not make perfect, at least not immediately. It takes dedication and willpower to practice well. Muscle memory and instincts will develop through practice.

Also if you can take a skilled spotter to the range, bring one. Grab a cheat tool to help you calculate distance.

Getting to know your equipment, your environment and consistent practicing will make your long range shooting hobby worthwhile.

Now That You Know Long Range Shooting Basics for Beginners…

… are you ready to begin planning your custom rifle build? Your gunsmith can guide you through making your selection based on the intended use. We stock only the highest quality rifle components for your build. Call us at 574-248-0929 for a quote today.

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