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Chamber barrel

Includs cartridge engrave on barrel shank.


True action body and bolt

The action is properly indicated, receiver face, lugs and threads are single point turned ensuring perfect concentricity and perpendicularity. The bolt gets properly indicated then the rear, front and sides and bolt face are single point turned ensuring perfect consentricity and perpendicularity.


Open magazine window for extended magazine box "such as Wyatt extended"

For cartridges the require that little extra lenght to fit down into the magazine. (In some instances the bolt catch needs to modified as well.)


Tactical bolt knob install

CNC machined bolt knob removal and treaded to accept a new bolt knob


Thread muzzle and crown

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Timing muzzle brake or supressor

Directional brakes without timing nut and some supressors require this extra step fore everything to aline properly.


Thread protector "generic"

Generic thread protector just to protect threads when exposed. 416 Stinless steel with precise threads, smooth OD, larger than barrel OD.


Thread protector "custom"

Custom thread protector, 416 Stinless steel with precise threads, smooth OD, blended to the OD barrel contour.


Cut down barrel length and Re-crown

Shortening barrel and Re-establishing a concentric crown.


Pillar install (Fiberglass stocks only)

Pillers installed, epoxied and trimed to required length.


Pillar install and full action bed (Fiberglass stocks only)

Pillers installed and action bedded from rear tang all the way up through recoil lug using Devcon 10110 plastic/steel bedding compound.


Recoil lug bedding

Bed recoil lug area only using Devcon 10110 plastic/steel bedding compund


Inlet stock for Aftermarket Bottom Metal (Fiberglass stocks only)

Establishing or modifying the stocks inlet to fit bottom metal.


Open barrel channel in stock to larger contour (Fiberglass stocks only)

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Aftermarket trigger install

No charge if trigger is purchased through us.


Atlas bipod picatinny rail install

Properly installed into stock using modified T-nuts and epoxy to ensure streangth and rigidity.


Flush cup install (adequate stocks only)


Scope mount, level and bore sight.

We use the proper tools to ensure proper touqe specs, leveling and bore sighting.


Cerakote barreled action

We are a certified Cerakote provider. (Includes Action, barrel, and whatever is attached to the muzzle) AKA, muzzle brake, tread protector etc.


Cerakote bolt

We are a certified Cerakote provider. (Bolt only)


Cerakote bottom metal

We are a certified Cerakote provider. (Bottom metal only)


Cerakote Muzzle brake only

We are a certified Cerakote provider. (Muzzle Brake Only)


All other Cerakote projects

Although we focus mainly on building precision bolt guns we do Cerakote all types offirearms. (Prices vary depending on project so give is a call for a quote.)

(Please call for quote)

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